About us

OsloLux is an independent and unbiased insider’s guide to Oslo you can trust. 

It was barely 8 am when I stood at the top of the stairs at the Oslo central railway station and glanced over at the empty, foggy square. My first encounter with Oslo, in April 2009. Fast forward nearly a decade and I’m as proud of my home town as an Oslovakian can be, and eager to share the latest insider tips with you.

I started OsloLux as a way to help you and many other people experience the best of Oslo. As a frequent traveler, I know the best holiday memories are made of a combination of an adventurous mind, a few drops of curiosity, a pinch of luck and a whole lot of research and planning. If you’ve ever been served a ridiculously over-priced meal at a conveniently located restaurant you ate only because you were starving after hours of sightseeing, you know not even the luckiest of us can avoid misses.





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