UPDATED 2019 – Michelin Star Restaurants in Oslo

Updated 2019 – Michelin Star Restaurants in Oslo offer unforgettable journeys through the Nordic nature as well as classical gourmet.

I know Noma in Copenhagen is on countless bucket lists, but also Oslo has many great options for those that enjoy Michelin star culinary experiences. Hardcore gourmet fans might be tempted to try all Michelin star restaurants in Oslo during one visit – after all, you can count the restaurants on one hand.

Maaemo. Photo: VisitOslo/Anders Husa.

Maaemo – 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Oslo

Distinctively Nordic, Maaemo is Oslo’s only 3 Michelin star restaurant. Prepare for flavours, textures and combinations that push the limits of imagination. You’ll also experience familiar ingredients with a new Nordic twist. Langoustine with spruce butter? Yes please.

Contemporary architecture lover? The Nordic minimalistic interior has a luxurious feel to it thanks to dark tones. You’ll also enjoy the architectural eye candy  just outside the restaurant.

Fun fact: The name Maaemo is in fact Finnish (the language that is not related to Norwegian) and means Mother Earth.

Schweigaardsgt. 15b.



Statholdergaarden – Classic Michelin Star restaurant

Having trouble pronouncing that name? So do I, even after nearly 10 years in Oslo. Name aside, Stathodergaarden is without a doubt the best classical gourmet restaurant in Oslo. The interior is charming with details such as chandeliers and old plasterwork.

Housed in a building from 1640, the restaurant has an extensive wine list and focus on seasonal Norwegian ingredients, such as meat and seafood. The menu varies by season, but you’ll likely find a nice mix of classics and modern dishes, however I have always let the chef delight me with the menu of the day.

Stathodergaarden, Rådhusgate 11


Kontrast. Photo: Visitoslo/Anders Husa.


Kontrast – Modern Scandinavian Michelin star restaurant

Located a short ride from the city center, in the Vulkan area, Kontrast serves seasonal, local ingredients with a modern twist. The interior is the epitome of what I call Nordic Luxury, with mostly dark colours, raw brick walls and concrete floors. Wood and soft fabric upholstery soften the look.

Kontrast is moving the needle when it comes to the texture and coupling of ingredients: perhaps the most memorable dish I’ve had at Kontrast was bone marrow ice cream.

Fun fact: The restaurant has as rooftop garden where they grow the flowers that are used for decorating dishes.

Kontrast, Maridalsveien 15a


Photo: Galt


Galt –  Newcomer that impressed from day 1

“Nothing wrong with this restaurant” would be a funny thing to say in Norwegian. That’s because Galt translates as “wrong”. This restaurant, which falls under the category Modern European, surprised everyone in 2018 by gaining its first Michelin star under one year after opening.

Similarly to Kontrast, Galt has a very simplistic Nordic interior with rough brick walls, concrete floors and bare wooden tables – no white tablecloths or chandeliers.

The ingredients are sourced mostly from small producers in Norway, so an evening at Galt will be like a flavour journey through Norway.

Galt, Frognerveien 12


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